Spring Showers Bring Property Maintenance

Hey there, weather explorers of the Northeast! As our Long Island weather switches gears, we’re in for some exciting changes. The snow is bidding adieu, making way for warmer temperatures and, drumroll please, more rain! But fret not, because United Water Restoration Long Island has your back with spring maintenance tips to keep your property, be it a cozy home or bustling business, safe and sound.

5 Spring Property Maintenance Tips

damaged roof shingles

1. Roof Check-Up (aka Rooftop Adventures):
It’s time for a little rooftop adventure! Regularly inspect your roof for any signs of trouble, like missing or battered shingles. Whether you’re a homeowner or managing a commercial space, keeping an eye on your roof is like giving it a virtual high-five, ensuring it stays in tip-top shape.

an outdoor drain partially covered with leaves

2. Drain Disco (Get Groovy with Gutters):
Picture this: snow melting, raindrops dancing down. To keep the party going smoothly, make sure your gutters, downspouts, and drains are free of debris. A clogged outdoor drain can lead to a soggy surprise and some not-so-fun property problems. So let’s keep that water groove on!

proper grading shows rain water flowing away from the property

3. Grading Games (Level Up Your Landscape):
Here’s a game for you: “Proper Grading Quest!” Take a moment to check that the ground around your property slopes away from the foundation. It’s like designing a waterslide for raindrops, ensuring they slide away from your home or building. No water parks inside, please!

basement sump pump

4. Sump Pump Superhero Check:
Is there a sump pump superhero hiding in your basement or crawl space? Time to unleash their powers! Make sure it’s ready to spring into action, pumping water away efficiently. This hero’s mission is to save you from flood risks and water damage.

cracks in a property foundation

5. Foundation Fixer-Upper (Crack the Code):
Channel your inner detective and inspect your property’s foundation for any suspicious cracks. Seal them up pronto! These sneaky openings can invite water in, causing damage and even putting the structural integrity of your place at risk. Let’s keep that foundation strong!

Clouds and rain drops falling from the sky

Wet Season Preparedness

Here’s the grand finale: Before you consider going all out with measures like foundation waterproofing or French drain installations, remember to have a site-specific assessment, including these fantastic checklist items and more.

As Long Island enters its wet season, it becomes crucial for property owners to prepare for the impending rainy weather, including summer storms and Atlantic hurricane season. Need a helping hand in this grand weather adventure? Reach out to the pros, like the fantastic folks at United Water Restoration Long Island, by calling (631) 494-4764. We’re here to lend our expertise and save the day!

So there you have it, weather adventurers – stay dry, keep your property happy, and embrace these weather wonders together!

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