A Little Leak Can Mean a Big Problem

As Seen on Newsday.com   The onset of spring means warmer temperatures, increased pollen and tree allergens, and severe weather. Heavy rain is not uncommon, and Long Island has even reported hurricanes and tornadoes of late. To help you prepare for the summer season, the professionals at United Water Restoration Long Island offer a few […]

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Mold in the Cold

Mold growth is usually thought of as a warm-weather problem when the air is high in humidity, and many homeowners think mold issues disappear when the weather is cold. While the temperature does affect the way mold grows, it’s a year-round problem. Not only can mold be dangerous to your health, mold growing on indoor […]

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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

As Seen on Newsday.com  As temperatures fall, the chance of weather-related home damage goes up. Frozen water pipes are one of the most common – and costly – winter repairs. Cold temperatures can cause water pipes to freeze, and built-up pressure can cause pipes to burst. Resultant flooding can cause serious damage, especially if […]

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