Water Loss Drying Equipment: Air Movers

In this video, we show you how United Water Restoration Long Island uses one of its most powerful tools in our toolbox, the air mover. It’s essentially a high-performance fan, and we all know what a fan does – it moves air. During the restoration process, moving air is a huge deal!  We’re here at […]

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Mold in Your Crawl Space?

Crawl space damage is something you may not think about much as a property owner. Out of sight and out of mind, it may be easy to forget that you even have a crawl space unless you’re having foundational work done or routine ductwork maintenance. This sort of isolation and routine exposure to the elements […]

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Summer Storm Safety & Preparedness

Most residents in the area have complained about Long Island’s unpredictable weather. Between the wind patterns and humidity, storms can intensify quickly, particularly during the winter. It’s important to regularly maintain your residential, commercial, or public building because damaging weather conditions, specifically high winds, and heavy rainfall, are possible any time of the year. The […]

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