Sewage or Drain Backups vs. Overflows

Article by Ed Jones, CodeBlue Vice President of Education & Operational Excellence, Master Water Restorer, IICRC Approved WRT/ASD Instructor and Water Loss Specialist #170. Written for “Getting EDucated” by Ed Jones and republished with permission. Sewer/drain lines and traps are very important in plumbing systems in order to get rid of wastewater. In addition to […]

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The Dangers of Ice Dams & How to Prevent Them

A winter wonderland scene is not complete without some glittering icicles lining the roof of a house. But hiding underneath all that beauty could be an ice dam and with it the potential for significant damage. There are ways to stop them from happening.   What Causes An Ice Dam? Ice dams form near the […]

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Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with friends and family to share a meal, make memories, and be thankful. It can also be an occasion when fires start in the kitchen. Cooking is part of the Thanksgiving tradition, but it’s also the leading cause of home fires and civilian injuries year-round. Cooking is the […]

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