Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation

There’s a strange musty smell coming from the basement. You investigate further and see dark spots on the walls and ceiling. At first, you think it’s dirt, but as you look closer, it appears to be mold. And you want it gone immediately! When it comes to porous (water-absorbing) materials, scrubbing with household cleaners or […]

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Dangers of Indoor Oil Spills & Leaks

Indoor oil spills and leaks can be a big problem for homeowners. Many individuals do not realize the danger and assume spills and leaks are not significant issues. However, oil spillage at home can be extremely hazardous, potentially causing health problems for occupants. Biohazard First and foremost, an indoor oil spill can be a biohazard. […]

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Phil DePaul Steps Into the Local Spotlight on Middle Country

Welcome to episode 39 of Spotlight on Middle Country! United Water Restoration Long Island CEO and Owner, Phil DePaul, chats with podcast hosts Lenore Paprocky, president of The Greater Middle Country Chamber of Commerce, and Elizabeth Malafi, coordinator of the Miller Business Center, about his entrepreneurial journey. Phil talks about the business, as well as […]

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